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Powerful traction on packed-down, smooth snow and bare ice

RUD-profi Supergreifsteg
  • Dense and continuous "Kantenspur" chain mesh as a byword for maximum grip, smooth running, long mileage, and utmost tyre care
  • Rapid fitting
  • Chain mesh that can be used on both sides
  • Break-resistant round steel chain links

100gl_detail_greifsteg_Bild1_95.jpg Manganese-chromium-nickel alloyed fine-grain steel

100gl_detail2_supergreifsteg_95.jpg Alternating diamond pattern – an almost identical number of grip elements is in touch with the road surface in every wheel position

100gl_all_verpackung_sack_95.jpg Tear-proof, hardwearing packaging


For heavy-duty, mediumduty and light machinery

For continuous snow removal and winter duty

Manganese-chromium-nickel alloyed fine-grain steel

Lock fitting

Continuous "Kantenspur" chain mesh


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