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Conveyor technology for the maritime sector

Conveyor Technology for the Maritime Sector

Chain conveyors, bucket elevators, drive systems

Our conveyor and drive systems offer optimal solutions for a wide variety of maritime applications. Using round steel chains as traction mechanisms, we develop and manufacturer a wide range of drive solutions for lifting, moving, telescoping, pushing and rotating systems and applications in the maritime sector. We also design, fit and manufacture complete conveyor systems, such as bucket elevators or chain conveyors, to meet the requirements of your individual application. Whether you need to align ship loaders on the pier, move cranes onto ships, raise floodgates or move containers at the port, the resilient TECDOS drives and conveyors were designed for the harsh conditions of maritime environments.

Thanks to our wealth of experience in ship loading and equipment, as well as port logistics, all our system components are always perfectly coordinated to provide reliable system solutions. Whether you need a complete bucket elevator, a chain conveyor or a chain drive, we meet every conveying challenge using round steel chains, forked chains or belts as traction mechanisms.

Our engineers have extensive experience and would be happy to provide advice on your specific situation.

RUD’s service team can visit you on site and provide any necessary assembly or maintenance support for your system.

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