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Chain drives for lifting

Chain drives for lifting

Lifting drive (a.)

The lifting drive displays its strengths in particular when used in applications that test the limits of normal hoists.

Tightly wound lifting drive (b.)

Lifting of loads weighing up to 100 tonnes without twisting. The tightly wound lifting drive does not swing or sway and is the ideal solution for moving freight elevators or lifting goods platforms at sea.

Examples of typical TECDOS applications:

     ● Floodgates
     ● Dam gates
     ● Lifting and unloading containers
     ● Lifting loading bulkheads / partition walls
     ● Lifting freight elevators on ships
     ● Ammunition hoists
     ● Torpedo handling
     ● Secure lifting and stowing of pipes on pipe-laying vessels
     ● Launching lifeboats /submarines

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