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Trough screw conveyors - Drawing The conveyor trough in trough screw conveyors is manufactured as a torsionally rigid sheet metal housing made of standard section lengths with connecting flanges, to which are bolted sturdy cover plates, there is also an inspection flap above the outlet. Abrasive materials can be handled by using manganese alloy steel, hard surface welding, fusion-cast basalt linings or material padding. Split end walls are bolted to the ends of the trough. This makes it easy to dismount the screw shaft once the metal cover plates have been removed.

Tubular screw conveyors -Drawing The conveyor trough in tubular screw conveyors consists of a stable tube with an inspection flap above the outlet. One-piece end walls are bolted to the ends of the trough. These are suitable for supporting the conveyor. Intermediate supports are only required about every 6 meters. They are supplied loose for mounting during assembly. The shaft exit points are usually sealed by gray cast iron stuffing boxes.

The screw shaft is designed as a solid shaft or a rigid tubular shaft with integrated end journals and a welded-on screw thread. The end bearings are pedestal bearings with antifriction-bearing inserts.

When a screw shaft requires intermediate bearings for longer conveying distances. These are designed as easily replaceable units, the torque is transmitted by bolted couplings.?

We supply a plain bearing as standard with replaceable two-part, gray cast iron bearing shells. They can be set up for grease gun or central lubrication according to the operational conditions. On request, we also supply antifriction bearings with split roller bearings in a sealed, grease-filled suspended housing. The drive comprises a standard geared motor unit.

As a safety device, a speed governor detects the operational status of the screw conveyor.

Additional accessories are available.

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