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Drag chain conveyors / trough chain conveyors for different applications

Drag chain conveyor

The drive station has flange or pedestal bearings for the drive shaft, depending on the size. Sealing is provided by grease filled, double radial shaft seals. Drag chain conveyor - drawingThe entire drive station together with the inspection flap can be dismounted for easy maintenance. The drive consists of a standard geared motor unit mounted on the bracket attached to the side. Suitable safety clutches can be provided to prevent overloads.

The trough consists of individual, standard-length sections with connecting flanges. Hold-down rails are recommended for most of the materials to be conveyed. These prevent the material from building up and thus the chain climbing.

For moderately abrasive materials, the side walls and base plate are protected by manganese alloy steel against wear. Fusion-cast basalt linings or liner plates with hard surface welding are recommended for use with highly abrasive materials. In special cases, the trough floor can be designed to act as a material pad.

The take-up station has flange bearings to hold the take-up shaft. The shaft exit points in the housing are equipped with grease filled, double radial shaft seals. The entire station together with the inspection flap can be dismounted for easy maintenance. The chain take-up is generated and set by spring-loaded pressure screws.

The driving and return sprockets are highly wear-resistant and have interchangeable, hardened toothed segments.

The standard conveyor chains used are forged, fork-sprocket chains that have been heat-treated or case-hardened.
The resistance to wear can be further increased by hard surface welding. Available options are: highly wearresistant RUD round steel chains, bushed transporting chains according to DIN 8165 and block chains.

Standard safety devices, comprising speed governors and take-up screw monitors, detect the operating status of the trough chain conveyor.

Additional accessories are available.

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